I have to admit that I vacay a lot less than I would like to.


I always liked exploring places and traveling, but didn’t really take time for a proper “lay on the beach all day” kind of vacation.


And because my work life was kind of hectic for the past couple of months, I decided that I really need a proper “time off”.


That’s why I booked an apartment on the Island of Pag and went to enjoy a proper “beach life”.

I am actually not very used to just laying around, doing nothing. I get bored very quickly, but I guess this time was a bit different.


Seems like there was a “lazy ass” hiding somewhere inside me.


In the end, I actually really enjoyed the “slow motion” kind of lifestyle.


I guess we all need some time when we just go with the flow and do whatever it feels like at the moment.

I admit that all the pressures of the outside world can really get to me. I quickly fall into trap of thinking I should do more, experience more, be more fun and have a more entertaining life.


That’s why it is so necessary for me to go away for a bit and just relax.


That’s why I really took my tame off from absolutely everything.


From controlling what I eat, working, working out, being on social media (I did post some pictures, but I didn’t spend an enormous amount of time scrolling through Instagram).


Instead of that, I ate “sea bread” – as I like to call it, I spend too much time on the sun, a lot of time in the water, I took an afternoon nap almost every day, I read some easy books and I had way too many ice-creams.


As I couldn’t be completely still, I did go for a walk once or twice a day and we did go around the island every day and explore some hidden beaches.


Anyway, after one week of brainless activities, I realized I need more of this type of “vacationing”.


So I guess I fall in love with the sea again.


I was more of a winter-mountain-forest type of gal for the last couple of years, but I guess my love will be spread around the coast and the sea as well.


There is enough love for everything anyway.


p.s. You can find more photos down under ↓↓↓ 




  • August 23, 2018


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