Art in Venice

I went to Venice Biennale last weekend.

I like art, but I was never a huge fan, I rarely went to classical concerts, visit galleries or involve myself in anything artistic.

I was always quite creative though, so I kind of liked art, but I never really took time to enjoy it.

But I guess life gives you what you need and this year I spontaneously visited two artistic events that made me really fall in love in art.

In summer I went o Ludovico Einaudi concert in Iceland – you can read about it here.

And last weekend I visited Venice Biennale.

I never really liked Venice that much, I didn’t like the crowd, too many tourists, and the bad smell.

But I guess everything changes with time.


If you ever visited Biennale, you know it takes place in the cutest part of Venice. It’s lake a garden with different houses, every one of them is unique and represented by one of the world’s countries.

The place itself is a piece of art, but the most interesting thing is to see how artists from different countries see the world, express themselves and raise awareness about different issues in their countries or in the world in general.


The second part of the Biennale takes place in one huge, renovated, industrial hall.

As I love architecture and interior design as well, this place just truly amazed me…

I love the mix of historical and modern, so modern art just perfectly fits in there…

You also get a different point of view on Venice and with the sun going slowly into the water, the whole thing just looks even more beautiful.

As about Venice….when tourists go away and streets are getting more empty, you see the beauty of the buildings, small streets, quite stores and of course, the many cute pizza places that you just have to visit.

As I said before, I was never a big fan of Venice, but I guess that changed.

And I feel like I need to connect with art more often. If nature refills my soul, my energy, and my spirit. Art is a food for my brain.

For me, art is putting everything that goes on in my mind out of my brain and into creation… no matter what kind of…in words, pictures, music, food or just a way of living….






  • October 23, 2017


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