Wedding day

Last Saturday I went to a wedding fort he first time after 10 years. It was actually my second time ever.

So I was super happy and excited when I got an invitation.

I am generally obsessed with celebrating absolutely anything. If I have time I make a big deal out of every celebration (baby showers, St. Martin’s day, St. Nichola’s day, Christmas, Easter and of course, the best one of all – my Birthday).

So going to the wedding was on my wish-list for ages, so you can imagine the excitement when I finally got an opportunity to go.

Of course, I had everything planned in my head. I imagined I’ll wear perfect, cute dress, I’ll go to the make-up artist, I’ll get tan and be super cute in general….

In my perfect scenario I would also have one sexy companion with me, so we could dance on romantic music all night long…

But well, you know how it is with expectations…they never really work 😀

  1.  I bought my »perfect red romantic dress« BUT September seemed to decide it’ll be rainy and cold, so my dress was completely unsuitable for that kind of weather.
  2. I was so busy I couldn’t visit my beautician or get tanned.
  3. And last, but not least, I realized I forgot all of my makeup at my parents’ house one hour before the wedding (of course I was doing everything last minute so I didn’t have time to go there and pick it up).

That’s so typically me, I do everything last minute and nothing goes as planned.

But luckily at the end, I forgot about everything, because the wedding was truly beautiful, romantic and magical.

By the way:

  1. I bought another outfit for the wedding one day before the event. I went to literally every store in Ljubljana and didn’t found anything I really liked, so at the end (out of »last minute panic«) I just bought the whole outfit I saw on mannequin in H&M (I actually really like it now)
  2. I went without makeup. I never really wear much makeup that’s why I didn’t have any extra at home. But I still have to admit, I felt a bit insecure going completely without it.

But isn’t it sad? That us women can’t feel confident and proud of how we really look, without tonnes of makeup covering our little flaws….

Anyway, when I got there, I quickly forgot about all the inconveniences and just enjoyed the day.

The wedding was so beautiful, I can’t ever put it into words.

It was like we literally walked into Pinterest.

Every detail just made the whole thing really magical.

But you know, pictures tell more than words, so you can see a few snapshots down under….

That’s why I like weddings. Everybody is just so happy and content. Love is really in the air and everything feels so romantic and magical. You really feel like your in some kind of fairy tail. Makes you start to believe in true, romantic, once-in-a lifetime kind of love (and I am not really romantic person…).

I am really thankful to the braid and groom for inviting me to be a part of their special day.

I really believe in those two. I hope they’ll have a happy, romantic and magical life. After all,  Love is an answer for everything.



“Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt LOVE”





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