Iceland part 2

So, as promised…here is part 2 of my Icelandic experience…

Things I wish I would do, but I didn’t

Go Swimming in natural pools

I actually thought there were natural pools in every corner of Iceland, but apparently there aren’t. There are some »famous« ones, but they are packed with tourists. We stopped by one at the end of the hike, but the water was more warm then hot, so I only out my feet in. There are some places that have hot water obiviously, but we only stopped for short time so we didn’t really had a chance to swim in…so if I would go again I would take more time to swim in at least one of these pools…

Horseback riding

I love horseback riding and those Icelandic horses are super cute, but like everything is super expensive so I figured I can ride them here as well for much less so I rather spend money on things I can’t do at home..

Going under the Ice

You can go under glacers in these Ice caves, but again it cost a fortune (around 250eur) and it’s better to go in winter when ice is not melting, so we didn’t get to do that but I belive it has to be great experience.

Driving snowmobile on glacer

I have a thing for snowmobiles ever since I drove one in northern Sweden so I think it’s very great, fun and exciting to drive with it on Icelandic glacer, but again it costs around 250EUR for (i think) 2 hours, so I’ll do that once my bank account grows a bit bigger….

Not so good (but still not the vorse)

Blue Lagoon

I don’t get the major fuss about it. It sure feels good to take a bath and have a relax day after 4 days of hiking…and the water has nice color, but….it looks like our lake Kreda (near Bled), there are too many turist (we were in high season), it’s much smaller then it looks on pictures and it’s very cold outside but you don’t have any really major »chill place« that you could lay on deckchair for example). And it’s obviously very pricey.


It’s true that they say…prepare to spend much more as you planned. Even when you prepare yourself to spend more, you still spend more…especially in high season, all the turistic stuff are increadebly expensive.

Intresting everyday fact about Iceladn and Icelandic people (from my point of view)

There is ony one Geysir

I actually thought there are geysers randomly exploding in the air all over iceland. But apparently there is only one active. It’s very cool to see it and it is fun when you wait and watch when it’ll explode..but I reallay thought they are everywhere…there is a lot of fumaroles, which is similar, but there is only steam going out form it and not water like in geysir. Fumaroles are also very cool and the water around is very beautiful, but it’s stinky as hell..

People are extremly nice and open

There is a believe that Scandinavians are very cold and closed. It’s true that they won’t hug and kiss you immediately after you meet (like some of our fallows balcanic nations would), but they are supper nice and prepared to help everytime you need something. They are also very trusty and open-minded, which i really love in people. They don’t judge and are prepared to accept different ways of thinking, cultures, religions, etc.

It stinks…

This hot water they have is very stinky. And because there is a lot of it and it’s very cheap, they have water from it everywhere, so when you take a shower it smells like Sulfur (it smell like old eggs) so even when you take a shower you don’t really get a feeling that you are clean…

They have the best yogurt

It’s special, Icelandic yogurt. It’s even thicker than greek one, it’s almost like a think cream, but it’s aldo very good in nutrition (per 100g), it’s very low in fat (0,3 g) and sugar (3,6g – for example greek has around 5g) and it’s high in proteins (12,8g). So I don’t get why fitness freakas didn’t import something like that to our country yet?



And now enjoy some more wonderful pics…I made a special gallery post, so that you can see more pics from Iceland. So if you are interested, just click here.


So now it’s time to switch off my traveling mode and focus on other things…so expect something about fear next time..and what I had to conqer to even go on this trip to Iceland (ok I guess my travel mode won’t be completely off just yet).





  • August 3, 2017


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