Iceland part 1

You know what they say…travel is the only think you can buy that makes you richer….

I love traveling and I love north so Iceland was on my »must visit bucket list« for a long time.

I needed this trip more than anything. I haven’t been anywhere major for too long and I needed to put my mind of everything and just enjoy.

I could make around 10 posts about this trip since we did so many things, but I don’t want to bother you with details, so here are my TOP 8 of our trip…

  1. Hiking from Landmalannaguar do Torksmork

This is considered one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. And it shore is.

The nature is just breathtaking and undescribably beautiful. The landscape is constantly changing and you see everything from snow, moss, lakes, rivers, rocks, hills and you kind of feel like you’re in the Lord of the Rings world.

One of the coolest things is when you  have to cross some rivers and put your shoes off which can be quite shocking to your body since the water is very very cold (I think around 13 degrees).

Like nature, the weather is also constantly changing so we had one completely sunny day with 20 degrees and the next day was raining all they like crazy.

One of the most interesting things is that you don’t see any animals. There is just nature, no living beings. We saw one bird at the end of the hike, but othervise there is just nature and hikers (ok we passed one group of travelers on horses), but there is no wildlife.

One tip if you’ll ever go on hike: don’t sleep in the tent. I am a huge camping fan and I would normaly love to sleep in tent but I was super glad that we booked a cabin. Why? The weather can really go crazy, we have one really big storm one night and people sleeping in tents were complitely wet, also there is no showers only outside toilet and they don’t sell anything in cabins (they only have bads and only people who sleep there can go in)…so It’s really much much better to sleep in the tent.

  1. Driving 4×4 drive in the middle of nowhere

After the hike we rent 4×4 drives, they weren’t very the best, but still they took us to places we couldn’t go otherwise. Iceland has one main Asphalt road all the other ones are just macadam and stones and there are some part you really feel like a rally driver.

I was one of the drivers, I generally love to drive so one of the things I really liked was when we had to cross the rivers by car. I just thought that was really fun….

Other then that driving on uncommon goods is great to discover places otherwise unable to seen and to once again see the unusual landscape of this incredible country.

  1. Watching whales

This was on my bucket list for a very long time. I love animals and I always admiered whales. I think they are so majestic, beutiful animals, there is something calming about them. So I was very happy to do that.

We saw few minka and hunchback whales and I swear too you, I was very touched when the whale slovely turned aroud and put it’s tail out. It was like in slow motion. I got goosebumps all over my body.

But not just whales, we saw a lot of puffins (parrot looking-like bird) and other birds as well. And the nature was again stunning so the whole thing was a great experience.

Oh and they gave us chocollate and one traditional sweet dish at the end (you know you can always buy me wtih food)…

I loved the experience, but I would still love to go watch whales once again, but somewhere on the open see, with not so many people, maybe even dive with them (you know dreaming…).

It also got me thinking about animals and how the world is becoming less and less friendly to them. Oceans are more and more polluted and there are more and more animals facing extinction.

We really should think pay more attention on saving those beautiful creatures…nature without any life would be so empty…

Just a tip:  Watch »Racing extinction« so you’ll know more about what I’m talking about…

  1. Going behind Waterfall

Iceland is also know for it’s many waterfalls. I always liked waterfalls. I think the falling water has some power in it, it really makes you feel small and warnable when you see wather falling, especially from the big ones…

It’s very hard to pick the best one since every one is unique and something special, but I think my favorite was Dettifoss, which is known as the most powerful waterfall in Europe and it really has some magic in it. There also weren’t as many tourist as at other ones so you really could take time and watch the water falling (and take millions of pictures of course).

The other one I relly liked is Seljalandsfoss, which is a bit smaller when you first see it, but you know don’t let the size fool you…you can go behind it which is a very cool experience too see the inseide of the waterfall. Of course you are completely wet but it’s really fun to run behind it and again, it reminds you how small you are comparing to nature…

  1. Driving on »James Bond« vehicle between Ice Cubes

So there is the biggest glacer in Europe, called Vatnajökull adn there is a lagoon, called Jokulsarlon where you can drive on a so-called »James Bond« vehicle (it’sa boat whith wheels) and you go between ice cubes. It was really beutiful, maybe a little bit too much turists, but still amazing. We even saw a sale (ok relly far away, but still, I’m always like a happy child when I see an animal in it’s natural enviornment).

There is also a beach nearby where you see Ice cubes going into the sea. There are even some lying on the beach (with black sand) which is very beautiful.

Btw: I absolutely love black sandy beaches I think that’s one of the best looking beach type in the world. There is also a black beach in Vik (you probably saw million pictures of it), but unfortunately is actually closed for tourists to go down there so you can only see it from the cliffs or from the beach next to it (which we didn’t go, but I think it must be beautiful), because this cliffs are just stunning.

  1. Randomly visiting Ludovico Einaudi concert in Harpa

Reykjavik has this big, modern Concert hall, called Harpa. It is based in it’s harbor and it’s very beautiful architecturally…

And when we went to visit it, we saw that there’s a Ludovico Einaudi (this is the guy who wrote music fort the movie Intouchables) piano concert that day

Well to be hones…I didn’t knew who he was, I was never a fan of classical music, in fact i really really don’t like classical music. But i said to myself…why not experience something new, something you usually don’t do and something completely different than other things you did in Iceland…

And…I was completely sold…I loved it. it really awaken some emotions in me and he’s music fits perfect to the Icelandic weather.

Here is his most known song: Ludovico Einaudi: Una Mattina

The funniest thing was only that we obviously didn’t have any fancy clothes with us since the majority of our trip was hiking in nature, so we went to the classical concert dressed in sporty clothes (ok I wore jeans, but still, it’s classical concert…).

So what i’ve learned from this experience: always try to diverse things while traveling so you can really feel everything the place you’re at is offering (from culture, nature, people, etc.)

  1. Cute places in Reykjavik (why is there nothing similar in Slovenia?)

When I am traveling I also like to visit inspiring random places like hotels, restaurants and shops……to get some inspiration, ideas and to experience something different then the things we have back home…so here are 4 places I really liked in Reykjavik:

  • Kex hostel

The The best hostel in town…we didn’t sleep there but we went for a drink and food a few times……it has great interior, they got happy hours for beer and wine, there is live music playing a few times a week and they also offer food…

And of course you can make some new travel friends there since there are many young (and not so young) people form all around the world…

  • Christmas shop

‘i’m obsessed with christmas…so when I saw this shop my heart started bouncing like crazy……it was love at first sight…they have everything christmas-connected, from christmas books, sweets, socks, nutcrackers, christmas decorations, etc..

And there is big christmas train and fireplace with stocks and christmas decorations,  so you get a feeling like you are visiting Santa’s home…

It’s like in fairytale…cutest 🙂

  • Juice Bar

We have many smoothie places in Slo, but nothing compare to this one…first, the  outside of the house is very eye-catching. Second the interior is very simple, no big decorations, just simple, Scandinavian style. It’ all natural, they have wooden boxes laying around, filled with fresh fruit and they have pallets with empty boxes laying around, but everything looks so cool and authentic. Third, you can smell fresh fruit everywhere. And that’s what they have, fresh fruit. So you really get all natural, fresh ingredients in your smoothie.

The only negative thing…prices…they go from 10EUR up….

  • Penninn/Eymundson Book store and coffie place

I absolutely love this place. I really don’t get why we don’t have something like that in Slovenia…It’s basically a bookstore chain they have all over Iceland, but… it’s also a coffe place, so you basically drink coffee or work on your computer surrounded by books. They don’t only serve beverage, but they also offer snacks and sweets in case you spend too much time reading books and the hunger gets to you. What I also liked about the book store is that they have books and magazines in many major languages (english, german, spanish, italian, etc.) and they are not only selling books, but also some cute interior design decorations and some typical Icelandic stuff (I think more fort he turists to buy, like Lava cheese, black salt, etc.)


Ok I just realized this post is too long,….and I have some other things to share with you……so i’ll stop at this point and tell you some more in my next post (I’ll post it on Wednesday – promise)….


So wait until then and find out more about what I wish I would do in Iceland, but I didn’t (maybe next time?…), What were the things I didn’t like that much…and…some random, everyday facts about Iceland you might not know yet…


if you want to see more of my adventures, you can follow me on Isntagram and see more picutres from my amazing trip to Iceland.


Love, Kaja

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