My sleeping routine

I never really understood how can some people just close their eyes and they are already sleeping? My brain is usually working super fast and I can think of thousand diffrent topics within 5 minutes…like what I’m going to eat the next day, where I want to travel, how to savet he world crisis, how to live more sustainable, etc.

So that’s why I had to develope a sepcial »sleeping routine« so that I can get the most out of my everynight sleep. You can read why sleep quality is so important to us in one of my latest posts

So my sleeping routine looks something like this:

8:00 – 9:30 pm: I take a shower. For the last few mounths I try to combine hot and cold water while showering. It’s very good for circulation and toned skin. I also make myself a home –made  pilling 2-3 times a week.

8:00- 9:30 pm: I eat dinner. I know it’s kind of late, but it fits my lifestyle and it’s usually very light and helathy, nothing too havey.

9:30 – 11:30 pm: I watch Tv series, movies, documentaries or I read a good book.

When I was still in collage and when i was working at some other job, I was usually still doing someting for work or school at that time. I was studying, writing a paper, writing reports, emails or something…but than I relized that it’s not very good for me to go in bad with a head full of different infomration. I noticed that I have trubble falling asleep and even when I thought I had enough sleep I would still feel tired. That’s because my brain were on the »on mode« and had to think too much, so I didn’t properly calm down and relaxed before I went to bed. So I counciously decided to »draw a line« so when I take a shower I counciously stop thinking about important stuff. I want to put my brain on »off mode« before I finally fall asleep. And series and good books are helping me with that.

I realized that is not really good for me if I think about important, »life stuff« before I go to bed. Othervise my thoughts are flying all around and I can roll around bed for quite some time. I just need that hour or two of not thinking and putting my brain funtions »off« before I fall asleep. That’s why watching series, documentaries or reading a book is a great solution.

It happenss that I fall asleep before the end (ups), which is definitely not very good and is like a »black mark« on my sleeping routine.

22:30- 23:30 pm: I stop watching series or reading a book. I am usually very tired at that point so I don’t have trouble falling asleep, bit before I finally escape to the dreamland I take 10 very deep abdominal breaths, to finally calm down and relax.

I have to concualsy restrict myself from thinking about anything important, because othervies, goodbye goodnight sleep.

Obvously there come days when I have some troubles to fall asleep imidiatelly, so i make a so called (by me) »stupid scenario«. Whats that you ask? I simply make an unrealistic scenario, a story, sometimes connected to a movie I watch and image I’m in it (for example I can be one of the Fast and Furious team members or a Witch in Harry Potter), it’s funny, meaningless, it gets my imagination going and it helps me fall alsleep. So it’s a win-win-win kind of thing…

5:30 – 6:30 am: alarm clock.  When my alarm clock hits in i slowely wake up, make 10 abdominal deep breaths again, stretch, yawn and scroll a bit and slowely get out of bed (sometimes this takes for around 15min – i need time in the morning, I function in slow motiuon in that time). I sometimes sing myself a happy song, to start a day in good spirit, with postitivity, especialy if i dream about something bad or sceary, then I really need a »happy song« to cheer me up.

So as you see, I sleep for about 7 hours per night. it fits my lifestyle and I feel good with that amount of sleep.

Of course I have »cheat sleeping days« when I go to bed at 2am or when I watch series for so long I just fall asleep and forget to turn off my computer ot I’m scrolling throug my phone, looking at random people’s photos (I meand who doesn’t? – ups). But still I try to make sure that these days don’t come as often as the »good« ones. I really try that this doesn’t happen for more then two nights in a row. Because otherwise I don’t feel good, I’m tierd through the day, my energy level is very low, my sleep is light and I find it harder to motivate myself to do other stuff.

Of course when I was younger that wasn’t the case, I could go on few nights in a row with just minumal amount of sleep and still function normaly. I could go to the party sleep for three hours and then go to work normaly. But you know, age show (no i’m talking like an old lady). But it’s true, the quality of sleep is just more important when we get older. It’s a normal proces. Our needs more time to recover so i’t logical that sleep deprivation affects as more when we get older.

Ok so that’s my sleeping routine. I didn’t plan it or thing about why and when I want to do something. I just kind of find sleeping routine that fits my lifestyle. I thing it’s very important to make yourself a sleeping routine that fits your life. If you are more productive in the evening (which I’m definitely not) than I think is nothing wrong if you do something in the evning and go to bed a little later.

But…. Ther’s alway a but…I still have one bad habit that I want to get rid of but still haven’t found motivation to do so….

I’m always watching series and movies in my bed on my leptop in all weird poses possbile. If my sleeping routine looks really good, this is definitely one of the »black marks« of it. I actually have neck and shoulder pain becaouse of it. So I would really need to stop doing that.

So my next goal is to watch series on my sofa in noraml pose and then go to bed. They say it’s recomendet to have your bed reserved only for sleepeng and not watching tv, eating or surfing on the internet (ups). So I really want to get rid of this bad habbit of mine.

I wrote something about why sleeping routine is important and why sleeping is so important for our well being in my previous post. You can check it out here….

Now I want to know what are your sleeping habbits? Do you ever ask yourself if your get enough quality sleep? Would you also like to change some of your bad sleeping habbits?

I hope you find some good sleeping routine ideas in my post. And remeber, you can change just one simple thing in your routine and you will quickly feel more energized and less tierd during the day…

I really hope you get a good night sleep tonigh.

Oh let me not forget…shower, fresh sheets, comfy PJ and someone you can cuddle with before you fall alseep are always the best formoula for perfect night sleep.






  • June 22, 2017


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