Just some thinking about love

I have one of these days when I feel nothing fits…when I doubt everything I’m doing in my life…is that what I really want?

I’m totally elsewhere I wanted to be at this point in my life…but I guess it has to be what it has to be…

Maybe i don’t know exactly what I want, but i know what kind of life i want to have…I want to feel good about my body, be confident and proud of myself, I wan to go to sleep happy and satisfied, enjoying moments with family, friends and dog, be successful and noticed, have enough money not to worry about the bills, enjoying my hobbies without any regrets, trying new things, be healthy, I want to have someone next to me, to make bad days better and good days even sweeter, i want someone who wants all of me and I want all of him. I want that. I want that feeling of complete connection with another person, nothing beats that feeing of having someone who fill all the missing pieces of your soul. I want to feel complete connection and I don’t want to settle up for anything less. Maybe some think I’m picky, but in reality, what I really want is to feel the real chemistry. It’s the greatest of all feelings. and I would never want to settle for anything less.

They also say you have to first be satisfied with yourself. You have to first work on yourself….but I believe we are work in progress all the time, we grow, we change, we have times we are happy, times we are satisfied and times when we feel like nothing fits. The thing is we want someone at all times. When we are not satisfied to lift us up, when we are to share that with them, when we’re sad to make us smile, when we smile to be happy with us. When we doubt to encourage us, when we have bad day just to be there, to hug us. They say you have to be first satisfied with yourself to find the other half, but I believe we always have a need for other half. And it’s nothing wrong to have that desire, but I also believe that wish for another half should never be so big that we settle. There is no greater feeling then to have a complete connection with someone..to feel the chemistry, the tension, to think about him/her all the time, to accept him/her completely as they are…I believe that’s the true magic of the “other half”.

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that much again, but I know that it can happen more then once in a life, some feel it really quickly, some of us just don’t…

It’s complicated thing…love… Especially because every story is very different…but it has to be something about it if all the writers, religions, songs, poets, gurus were talking about it…

Love is the greatest feeling a human being is able to feel. Pure, unconditional love without any expectations. It’s like a drug you just can’t live without.

»Doubt that the stars are fire, that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt love«

W. Shakespeare

I wish all of you much love and happiness,  


  • March 30, 2017


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