Little successes in life

What does success mean to you?

We usually connect success with achieving something great, like to be noticed, famous, to have money, to win an important prize…all of this are great successes, of course….

But for me, the true success, the one I believe is trully valuable, but we forgot about it to many times, is something different… I believe success consists of  appriciation of small little things that are happening in life, the ones we sometimes forgot, because we are to busy reaching for something more, something greater.

So I believe we should look at success in a different way…

For me, successful is anyone who is happy with his/hers life, and who is in peace with himself/herself. Anyone who is living a life he or she wants to, who can be happy in every situation and who appriciates little things.

Every goal you had and you achived it, no matter how small, is your personal success, don’t forget that. I believe everyone is successfull in something, everyone has something to be proud of. Sometimes we feel like some things are too small and to unimportant to count it as a success, but they are not. If we are not able to appriciate small things, we can’t enjoy great ones.

The only goal in your life should be to be happy, joyfull and enjoy everything that life brings you. That’s the only siccess you should really work on, because when you are happy and satisfied and see good in everything, all the other things follow.

We can’t achive great things if we don’t belive that small things are already great!

Small things matter!

Here are my small successes, they are nothing special, but they make me feel happy and content:




  • March 7, 2017


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