Be proud of yourself

The first step and, for me, the most important one if we want to feel happy and satisfed, is to learn how to love ourselves, especialy how to be proud and satisfied with ourselves. I know everybody is always talking about loving yourself, but it’s much easier to stay it that to excualy feel it. Most of us find it easier to point out our weaknesses that our strengts. And that is the biggest limitation in our way to happines and to achiving all the goals we have in our lives.

So why is it so important to know our strengts and to be proud of them?

  • It gives us confidence on everyday basis
  • It gives us self affirmation that we are good in something, that we achive something, that we are »cool« and that helps us to cope with everyday dificulties
  • It helps us to maintain better relationships with others, because we don’t feel envious, jelous and we are more open for meeting new people and establishing new relationsihps
  • When we know are strenghts and benefites we also find all the problems we face in our life much easier to deal with.

Ok we know we have to be satified and happy with ourselves. But its easier to say it than actually feel it right? So how can we  »force« ourselves to love who we are?

My advice is to write down 20 things you love about yourself on a list of paper. You can write anything you want, it can involve your looks, your personal characteristics, life achivement or anything else you feel proud about yourself. If you feel you can’t find 20, you can ask your family our friends to help you. Usualy we forget or don’t even know good things about ourselves and they can hels us to notece them.  Then save this list somewhere you can always read, in your wallet for example, our you can just write it in your mobile phone so you can read it everytime you doubt yourself or feel bad about yourself. It is also good if you read it every morning before doing anything else. It will give you confidence and you will start your day  with positive energy selftrust and satisfaction.

“To love Oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” – Oscar Wilde

For a little help, you can find my (shorten) list of things i am proud about myself in this blog post bellow.



As you can see some of this things are nothing special and are small and insignificant at first sight. I sometimes forget about this little things that can make me feel proud and happy about myself. So writing down this things helps me to remember everything I did, everything I am and makes me feel good about myself and everything I am doing.


With love, 


  • March 3, 2017


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