Quick steps to increase your self-confidence

We all sometimes feel bad about ourselves, our body image, or our life in general…Often we don’t even notice when bad, negative thoughts about ourselves secretly come to our brain and make us feel bad. But sometimes it also doesn’t take much to feel good, confidente and proud of ourselves again.

I will tell you simple small steps you can take to encrease your confidance very quickly.

  1. Standing straight

It is proven that standing straight affect our mood. With steight, proud posture we unconcuaesly trick our brain into thinking that we are actualy confidante, proud and satisfied. And our brain responde to us in the way we actualy start to feel so.

  1. Positive affirmations

If we remind ourselfs about our positive featiures and our achivements we will definitely increase our self esteem. That’s why remind yourself how cool, unique, funny, cute or anything else you are and you will start to feel much better.

  1. Dress up

When we dress up in our favorite dress, wear our favorite perfume, take a shower and put one some make-up (if we are girls and wear it), we unconcuasley start to feel more confortable, more atractive and generaly better  in our skin.

  1. Music

Scientists say that  positive and happy music with motivaional note, gives us feeling of power and confidence. So find song that always gets you in good mood and play it when you are not feeling good about yourself.

  1. Fuck it!

Sometimes you just have to say fuk it! and go a little bit with the flow. It is proven that svearing actually give us feeling of power and confidence. Ouf course that doesn’t mean you have to go out there nad should out ugly words to people. It just means you say itin your mind or to your face in the mirrow,. Say fuck it, it is what it is, breath, realax, trust yourself and  life  and you will feel more secure and comfidente about yourself.

That’s just my quick ways how to encrease my selfsteem, ouf course tere are many more and different ones, bt i hope that you find at least some of them helpfull.





With love, 


  • February 21, 2017


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